2019 NCM Corvette Caravan

27 Dec , 2018 Uncategorized

2019 NCM Corvette Caravan

Did you know there is still time to register for the event “All Roads Lead to Bowling Green” Registration is at a record pace and some of the program activities  have sold out – Hall of Installation Dinner and 1994 event. However the NCM has created a waiting list and is working on expanding the attendance levels. But there is more to see and do, with displays, vendors, track time, NCM tours, seminars and other activities. Whether  you have been on a previous Caravan the 2019 event is expected to be the best ever with Fireworks, free Jefferson Airplane Concert, local tours and much more. As you plan your 2019 vacation any Corvette owner can join the Caravan for all or part of the route.

 As you are award the C8 rumor is no more, in fact GM recently announced the official release has been delayed for 6 months due to a electrical issue. Corvette factory tours were discounted earlier this year and it is possible the plant tours will  reopen prior to the Celebration. At which time tour reservations will be announced by the NCM. Rumor also has it that the factory retooling included the ability to build both mid engine and front engine corvettes! The MSRP has yet to be announced but guesses vary greatly.

The NCM provides Corvette owners a wide range of items for purchase. As a Caravan participant you can purchase special clothing items. Additional items can be purchased on line which makes a nice gift for any Corvette owner. You can also buy Corvette raffle tickets starting for only $10 !! NCM member also receive discounts on their purchase.  As  Club members discussed at the last RCC general meeting auto insurance is available  with major discounts on specific driving requirement. Check it all out on the NCM website.

If you have any questions on the 2019 Caravan on NCM feel free to contact me. Hope you make plans to join as least part of the 2019 Caravan.