2018 RCC Christmas Party

24 Dec , 2018 Past Events

2018 RCC Christmas Party

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The 2018 Club  Party was a big success with ninety – six members and sponsors attending the final club event for the year, at the Peppermill. As members arrived, they were greeted by Dave little and Howard Lewis who issued raffle tickets. Marking the party entrance was a marque reflecting  a  Christmas stocking  with the  RCC logo. Once inside members enjoyed a nicely decorated ballroom, their favorite beverages and appetizers. Playing background music was a live band “Jacked Up ” who also played during the evening for everyone to dance too. The dinner began with a salad and then the duet  main course comprised of  Filet Mignon and Salmon then carmel apple pie for dessert. During the evening members shared stories of the past year, and renewed or created new  friendships.

This year’s cash raffle prizes,( enclosed in envelopes)  was four $50 and one $100. Assisting in the raffle was Marie Hoel (Reno GMC ) who drew and announced  the ticket numbers  and Margo Sheltra (Bonanza Casino)  held the envelopes for members to select. The first four tickets drawn were Vette Chicks with the final lucky member was Bruce Eibert. Each drawn ticket holder was permitted one exchange and only Bruce took the exchange and won the $100 – congratulations to all the winners. During the evening Bruce took pictures (posted on the RCC web site) for the newsletter and Portrait pictures upon request. Members danced the night away (until 9:46pm) when the party concluded, due to a lack of energy.  Special thanks to Arne Hoel who hosted drinks during the evening and Russ Sheltra, longest  sponsor of RCC.   On behalf of the Events Committee a Merry Christmas, Prosperous New Year and Happy Holidays to everyone and your  families. Carlos Mejia