Vette Chicks Luncheon — Great Full Garden

18 Jan , 2019 Past Events

Vette Chicks Luncheon — Great Full Garden

What a Wonderful Way to begin 2019 with Great Full Gardens as our first VetteChicks Luncheon.  Christine our server was outstanding, accommodating everyone’s requests and treating us to a soup their we debuting—all I can say is WOW!!

The only problem we had was trying to decide what to order, not only could be order lunch but breakfast was still available.  When you go there to eat unless you are very hungry order Half a Sandwich, as Cindy Patterson and I discovered, we had to get To-Go Boxes.  Speaking of To-Go Boxes, check out the pictures and see the way the staff personalizes them—very cute.

Remember to mark your calendars for our luncheons in February and March:

February 19th —La Vecchia Italian Restaurant — prefix menu with choices for entree — $22++

March 19th — Cantina Los Tres Hombres at Legends — and Tuesday are all you can eat Tacos for $10.99!!