Mid-Engine 2020 Corvette C8 Looks Good From All Angles In New Renders

18 Feb , 2019 Corvette news

Mid-Engine 2020 Corvette C8 Looks Good From All Angles In New Renders

BY Brad Anderson | Posted on February 18, 2019

The cat is out of the bag and the long-awaited Chevrolet C8 Corvette is set to premiere sometime this year. As we eagerly await the launch of the car, we’ve stumbled on some new renderings of it.

Both renderings come from the Mid Engine Corvette Forum and the first one is an animated GIF that shows the C8 pulling alongside a current C7 Z06, providing us with an interesting look at how similar the key proportions of the car may be.

While it’s impossible to know for sure, it seems apparent that the wheelbase will be very similar to the C7. Additionally, the height of the roof, beltline and grille are all very similar. Owing to the fact that the C8 is mid-engined, it has a shorter front end and an elongated rear compartment where you’ll find the engine.

The other two renderings show how the C8 Corvette will most likely look when viewed from above with its doors open. What’s particularly eye-catching about these renderings is that they show just how dramatic some of the supercar’s body lines will be, particularly those that stretch from the top of the front bumper diagonally along the hood. Other nice details include a carbon splitter, carbon rear diffuser, and carbon rear spoiler.

According to our sources, the C8 Corvette will be based around an aluminum space frame that uses carbon fiber and magnesium in its construction. The entry-level C7 Corvette Stingray could be replaced by a 500 hp C8 with a 6.2L naturally-aspirated V8 and an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. It’s also claimed that a 5.5-liter V8 will be offered in naturally-aspirated and twin-turbo guises with power range from 600 hp to 800 hp. The C8 Corvette range could be topped off by a hybrid, twin-turbo V8 model pumping out some 1000 hp.