Proposed ByLaws changes to be voted on, Apr. 4

18 Mar , 2019 Uncategorized

The following proposed changes will be discussed and acted on at the April 4, 2019 General Membership meeting of the Reno Corvette Club.  These amendments are slightly revised from those that were previously submitted to the membership.

Article II, Section 1, Subsection C shall be amended to read as follows:

c)  Honorary Life Member:

Upon approval by the Executive Board, a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the Club may be granted Honorary Life Membership with approval by a majority of the members present at a General Membership Meeting.  An Honorary Life Member shall not be required to pay annual dues and cannot vote on Club matters or hold elective office; provided however, the restrictions pertaining to voting and holding elective office may be waived by the Executive Board on a case by case basis for so long as the Honorary Life Member otherwise qualifies to be a member.  Further, any restrictions on voting and holding elective office shall not apply to the spouse or partner of the person granted an Honorary Life Membership.

A new sub-section shall be added to Article V of the Bylaws which shall read as follows:

4. m)  With the concurrence of the Executive Board the Treasurer shall securely dispose of outdated financial records in accordance with the most current regulations and recommendations of the Internal Revenue Service and other applicable guidelines.

A new section shall be added to Article V of the Bylaws which shall read as follows:

9.  Notwithstanding other provisions contained herein in lieu of any paper documents to be periodically delivered to the general membership may with the consent of the Executive Board, be delivered by such secure manner of electronic transmission as may be approved by the Executive Board.

Article V, Section 5, Subsection (d) shall be amended to read as follows:

d)  Any member may stage a Club event as long as: i) the Chairman of the Events Committee has been contacted; ii) the Executive Board has been given timely prior notification of the pertinent details of the proposed event; iii)  the event is open to all Club members; and, iv) all Club members have been given prior notice of the proposed event through normal communication channels.  Any proposed event that requires Club funding must be given prior approval by the Executive Board.