RCC Charity

16 Mar , 2019 Charity

RCC Charity

Reno Corvettes: We care about our community

The Club and its members do extensive charity work. Please take the time to look through this document – you, as a Corvette owner and member of Reno Corvettes should be very proud!

We also have a tradition of making donations to charitable, non-profit businesses each year. Depending on the health of our bank account, we usually donate $2,000 – $4,500 to local charities (where our members live). The money is distributed to three charities, which are selected based on nominations by club members and a vote of the membership at the December Business Meeting.

We also support a variety of businesses with our social events, which vary from simple get-togethers at nearby restaurants to driving tours with a specific destination, which could be a restaurant, a museum, or a bowling alley, among others.

Our involvement also includes sponsors of the club. We currently have 10, ranging from Chevrolet dealerships and repair shops to upholstery shops and restaurants. We rely on these sponsorships to carry out our activities at an affordable price for our members.

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